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When it comes to your reserve ripcord, Mirage like the long established durability of steel. Even their soft reserve ripcords are steel inside.

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Avoid accidental reserve deployments.

Mirage Systems offers both traditional metal handles and soft handles.  Both utilize a steel cable and pin for proven reliability.  When it comes to your reserve ripcord, they like the long established durability of steel. Their reserve ripcord cable travels a direct path to your reserve closing loop.

Mirage reserve ripcords are pocketed inside the main lift web, not just Velcro’d to the back.  This provides maximum protection from dislodging and helps prevent the handle from rolling under the lift web and out of reach.  When you reach for your reserve ripcord it’s good to know it will be where you expect it.

Soft Handle

Mirage soft reserve ripcords are actually still metal handles! For those that prefer a soft reserve ripcord, we build ours to the same specifications and proof loading as our metal handles. Built around a full length metal insert they provide the same strength and durability as our metal handles. You can squeeze your Mirage soft reserve ripcord all you like; it will never go soft or flat.

Soft reserve handles are resistant to inadvertent snagging and floating, are offered in any color, and may be embroidered. The soft handle is great for use in conjunction with the Unisyn harness, avoiding the introduction of a stiff handle into a very flexible harness style. Both Free-flyers and Flat-flyers benefit from the use of this handle, but because of its resistance to snagging, Free-flyers consider this handle a must!

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