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Product code: PARA366



  • Visor certified optically and against impacts with high speed particles. Wide vision, no distortion, fog free, UV protection
  • Eccentric rotation of the visor, no drag under the open canopy
  • Visor opening system with metal springs
  • Visor can be easily opened with one hand, and freely rotated
  • Comfortable, hypoallergenic, breathing liner
  • Size set by the liner
  • Shell with ventilation channels
  • Audible pockets
  • Simple chinstrap, with Microlock buckle
  • Elastic skirt
  • Sleek design
  • Certifications: XP S72-600 (French norm for parachuting), EN966 (European norm for aerial sports), EN166 (Eye protection)
  • Affordable price
  • Totally made in Italy!

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Helmets in skydiving have been evolving as the sport has been changing. Nowadays requirements are very specific and high demanding. The ZX is the answer to this quest for high level specifications.

The helmet has been built around a shock absorbing layer of EPS, allowing the ZX to pass the tests for both the XP S72-600, specific to parachuting and indoor flying, and the EN966 Cat. HPG, dedicated to paragliding and hang gliding. The outer shell, made of shock-absorbing ABS certified for motorcycle helmets, plays a key role in impact control too.

As further protection, also the ZX lens is certified, following the EN166 specifications. A major feature for your safety!

All the certifications follow the updated regulations for Personal Protection Equipment, the CEPPE EU 2016/425, mandatory now on quality products. The application of these standards, even if not specifically required, allows to deliver products that:

  • Are made of quality raw materials, not harming the user (like non-toxic or hypoallergenic)
  • Follow a quality manufacturing standard
  • Have passed independent lab tests including impact forces, stability, lines entanglement prevention, release forces of chinstrap when under tension.

Following these rigid standards didn’t distract us from designing a helmet that is comfortable to wear, even for long periods and in hot weather.

The impact absorbing EPS layer has been designed with ventilation channels to create an airflow reducing humidity on the inside. Air intakes are protected by a metal mesh to avoid objects getting into the shell.

The hypoallergenic liner not only gives superior comfort, but can be adjusted as well as removed for cleaning, or to set any of the available sizes. Naturally positioned pockets over the ears are the perfect and comfortable place for one or two audibles.

The adjustable chinstrap sits comfortably at the neck, and is completed by the robust quick release ratchet buckle Microlock that is easy to operate, adjust, and release (still with one hand even under tension).

The airtight skirt is made of stretchy material, making it easy to put the helmet on and off.

A very important part of the design has been spent on the locking system, keeping the visor free from any opaque attachment point, and securely holding the visor closed and the opening mechanism protected. Easy to operate with gloves too, it’s a very important detail on the ZX.

A lot of care has been put into the design of the UV filtering visor, certified for against impacts with high speed particles, where the rotation is eccentric, keeping the visor flush to the shell when opening it. This has been achieved with a unique rotation system, maintenance free, that includes sturdy and reliable metal springs. This system not only makes the design unique, but also has the advantage to avoid the drag effect when flying at high speed under the canopy.

NeoXs 3

Designed to be integrated with the ZX, the NeoXs 3 combines the audible functions of the NeoXs 2, plus logging functions and a wider display. Very thin on the inside of the ZX, with all the electronics are on the outside, still keeping a flush and thin design.

Also available as upgrade to the regular ZX. 

  • Information about the last 300 jumps are automatically recorded by the unit
  • Information logged for each jump: number of jump, date and time, exit and deployment altitudes, freefall time, maximum and average freefall speeds, time and maximum speed under the open canopy
  • The logbook can be reset at anytime
  • Initial jump number and total freefall time can be set while resetting logbook


  • Historical information: highest freefall speed, lowest deployment altitude, highest exit altitude
  • Counts jumps made
  • Totals freefall time


  • Microprocessor based audible altimeter
  • Wide size LCD
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Real time altitude indicator
  • Choice of measurement unit (ft/mt, kmh/mph, dates as day/month/year or month/day/year)
  • Altitude range: 0..10.000 meters (0..33,000 ft)
  • Up to three separate freefall altitude warnings
  • Freefall warning altitude set with 100 feet (25 meters) increments
  • First freefall altitude warning goes off at any speed, the others only in freefall
  • Up to three separate canopy altitude warnings
  • Canopy altitude warning set with 10 feet (5 meters) increments
  • Powerful audible signals, distinct and easily recognizable
  • Countdown timer
  • Four customizable user profiles
  • PRO SWOOP signals
  • Self-calibration (manual reset allowed), self-test, no power-on, ultra-low power consumption
  • Easily programmable on the ground or while climbing to altitude
  • Can be turned off manually
  • Water resistant
  • Battery: 1 x CR2430
  • Size: 83 x 13 mm (3.25” x 0.50”)
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